Ryan’s Hillside Adventure

Man what a crazy couple of days! We are all still coming down from our first trip to Cam’s Hillside Jam. Jamie, myself and Ryan Lloyd made the drive over to Canberra and met up with Toby Forte, Jack O’Reilly, Tyson Peni and Russ Brindley to hang out, ride and check out the Hillside Jam. The weather sucked the first few days but the sun came out for jam day and it was on. This was Ryan’s first trip over and he and Tyson both killed it. There will be edits galore popping up from the event but here are some pics from our trip.

Ryan dreaming of 40ft booters on the way over..sorry boss haha

Cruisy 1 foot at Weston on Jam day.

Stromlo 3 before heading out to Hillside.

The road to Hillside.

Lazy 3 over the last set.


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