Terror is in the Sky.

This past weekend we had the pleasure of hosting Leigh Giason and Russell Brindley down here in Adelaide. These two cats make up the Terrible One team out here in Oz and when you ride for a company like T1 you know you must be on the right path. Enigmatic,Dialed,Casual and ridiculously comfortable are a few words to describe these two dudes. In the coffee shop or at the trails these dudes know whats up and we are all proud to have them riding with us out here for the long haul.


Russell and Leigh – Cairn the Saints!

Russell with some textbook can can action.

Russ again – sans hands this time. Where eagles dare!

I can fully assure you all that riding trails and street with these cats for 4 days straight is really good for the soul, We all cant wait to do it all over again with these cats soon! look for more coverage of the trip over the next few weeks on T1, Focal Point and right here! We stock loads of T1 product from grips to beanies and loads of other cool pieces of kit so if you want to have a look over here  to see what is in stock and then go and hassle your favourite BMX store to get your hands on it!


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Feeling good Fridays!

Animals own Liam Fahy Hampton scored the cover of the new 2020 with another Nick Gascoine classic shot.  The team is all over the new issue as well. Ryan Lloyd with a killer United DPS ,Tyson Jones Peni talking tattoos, Troy Jackson tooth hanging a rail in a Zoo York Advert, DJ with a barshot for Focal point and the trip coverage of the Adelaide to Darwin trip we took back in July. Get down to the newsagents or your local shop today to pick up a copy.


While you here why dont you peep our media archive where all of our adverts from 2020 and Focal Point are now archived. Man there are some good times that were had looking back over these badboys. RIP Good spots from way back when.

 Enjoy the weekend!



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Free Animal poster!

Animals latest poster boy is Lower Manhattan shredder Tyrone Williams the instigator of the infamous Piff bars.  We have a big old stack of this new Animal poster to give away. All you have to do is email       posters@stowaway.net.au      with the name of your local BMX shop that stocks Animal products and we will make sure they have a poster waiting for you next time you go in! It does not get any easier than that!


Get onto it!

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Ryan Lloyd is United and in old blighty…

Ryan fired through some pics of his England summer vacation this morning, Looks like his textbook style is taking him some new places which is great to see.  Im sure he will come back and be looking to murder every set of trails and transition that is in front of him. Thanks to Joey Spinoza for the pics.

Bumps dont stop tables -some times they help them.

Move your body.


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FBM parts back in stock

We have had a good restock from the boys at FBM and are now fully loaded up with everything you need to dial in your rig, Go hit up your Local BMX shop and see all the goodness in the flesh!

Crown Royal Mark 2 in Top load as shown here as well as Crown Royal front loaders.Black,Blue and Red.

The Six pack sprocket as influenced by Black Flag  and a need to constantly recharge ones batteries with Natty Ice cans after a long day in the woods. 25 tooth only in Black , Blue and Red.

 All of this and tonnes more from the Fat Bald Men of Binghampton New York.


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Peter Koh Vs FBM

Peter Koh is a lifelong friend and BMX assasin/Pro fisherman from the Newcastle area. Pete is now working for the Drift Bike Shop in Maitland , NSW so if you are chasing FBM or Animal products and you live in the area you should drop in and see the OG man himself!

Peter wailing out of the 2009 Stay True Jam Wallride.

Pete living the dream in NT late last year.


Now playing in the office- Desmond Dekker -"Shanty Town"

 Enjoy the weekend!


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