Ryan Lloyd out and about..

Ryan Lloyd and i spent a week on the road filming his Welcome to United web edit we followed the road from Adelaide to Wangaratta and then on to Canberra where we spent the majority of the trip. Good times and hopefully the edit will showcase his talent and chilled persona.

The Sanction BMX Jam in Wangaratta was a lot of fun and credit to Dre and Simon for galvaning the scene and getting so many down to make the event a success. Kids from all over were riding there chops off for the prizes on offer and cash money put up for pro!

Dre Sanction doing a great job on the mic!

We love stickers – gis a free sticker man cmon!

Liam Fahy Hampton now roling with a chain and as you would imagine taking no prisoners. Certified Ape!

Ryan Lloyd blue is the new black.

Ryan blasting the pool berm at the Woden park in Canberra, Once you get used to how slippery this place is you will love every line in it!

Ryan was all over Woden like it owed him rent, Textbook style for miles!  Brodie butterfield sent over some snaps from his brothers memorial jam upin Kempsey on the mid north coast of  NSW Levi Jackonia was firing on all cylinders all day and this hop is no exception. Damo covering the action in the background for good measure!




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Terrible One and good mates…

Sorry for the lack of updates Ryan Lloyd and i have just got back in from the Melbourne and Canberra Trip to film some upcoming stuff for United but more about that in the next few days when the batteries are juiced and the USB cable is not hiding! I have been out of action with some back pain from a silly crash at the Sanction Jam in Wangaratta last weekend. Luke Mcblane the east coast trail boffin was nice enough to send over some pics of how there spot is shaping up for the upcoming east coast trail season. Want to know how they ride? If you dont know Luke or Simo chances are you will never know! These boys work there arses of at normal jobs 9 -5 and after work and on the weekends they build there arses off so that when the weather gets cooler they will share the best feeling in the world in my humble opinion- the sounds of your cassette hub buzzing doing a nosedive at the trails.Get on! Thanks for the pics Luke and cant wait to get over there with you later in the year! Yeew!


Could be the USA or could be Aus, either way these dudes were born to ride trails. Luke and Simo.

Gotta love the Red Kelso Simo- These tinnies cold yet? Terrible One is coming for real this time….

Peace out and remember that no one needs to be a redneck on Australia Day.


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Bicycle Union VS Snake Gully

New Bicycle Union products are in at your favourite store right now, We are fully stocked on Fiend Front and Process Rear Hubs in purple , polished ,black.

Union Claw Brakes are in as well in the same colourways so you can dial in your rig with some non life threatening colourways!

They Even busted out a mold for there new Fingerprint grips as well, Super smooth with a pre worn in feel. Check the Union Vimeo page for more Union Humour/Goodness.

To check out the best from Londons finest click here , if you are a store dont forget to use the online ordering as well it could not be easier!

 Allan at Twenty Two Fifty is having a hessian session at the old Holden Hill Snake run in the northern suburbs of Adelaide next friday the 22nd so get on down and represent or even if you like a burnt chop or warm beer. Blammo.

Hit Allan for more info!



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Jams here there and everywhere…Staying True for Life!

Luke Mcblane and Damon Andrews from Stay True in Lismore have been living the dream of late, A nice little 4 day trot from Lismore to the Gold Coast and back surfing and hitting some parks along the way.

Damon Andrews is down for life.Period.

1 footed , inverted and still the  same way since i met him  via the postal service in 2001. Some things are just better if you dont change them .Damon rules. The boys hit Elanora for some solid sessions and  Luke told me that this is the best concrete in the world. Gotta love the concrete parks on the Goldy right now.

Luke with the throttle pinned. Elanora.

I met Luke around the same time as i met Damon and he too has been cranking these in the textbook style for the entire time i have known him, Luke is currently on a FBM and we also help him out with Bicycle Union parts as well. Ryan Lloyd and i are heading over to the Wangaratta Jam this weekend and then up to Canberra so that we can finish Ryans Welcome to the team edit. Should be a blast and i cant wait to get out on the road again.yeeeeeew.

Also if you are in the mid north coast of NSW dont forget to check out the Kempsey Jam on the 20th of January, With one of the most flowing and linked up parks on the coast there is sure to be some good riding go down, This is also a memorial jam for Blake Butterfield a  local rider that lost his life some time ago. Show some respect and get down there. Just looking at the sponsors list should give you a good idea of what expect at this one. Blam.

Get out there and get amongst it! 


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Troy Jackson is back in the saddle!

Well after countless months of pain and no riding from knee surgery Troy Jackson is back and better than ever! Binning the ciggies and booze was only the first step for Troy. He backed this up with a strict gym routine and is now back and badder than ever. Cooper Brownlee was nice enough to come accross with some neat pics of Troys new Federal D-Watts Raw Setup. Legit. This thing is decked from top to bottom in a colourway that does not hurt the eyes.  Troy kills it and we are happy to have stuck with him through his injuries and are looking forward to seeing what he comes up with in the next few years!

Thats a here we go now boys! To peep Troy in action . in case you were living under a rock and missed this one check again.

Federal products are in all good BMX shops all over the country, Peep them today!




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