Toby’s New Whip….

When stores call Stowaway Distribution, more often that not the person taking their call is none other than Toby Forte. Toby has been an integral part of the fabric around here since emigrating from the UK in Jan 2011, and is based out of Byron Bay, NSW. Toby’s BMX history goes back a long way, stemming from a family of BMX brethren that includes younger brother Leo and elder brother Kye, who also ride professionally for United Bike Co. Toby recently built up a new S&M Credence C.C.R. frame in the super limited Clint Reynolds Camo finish. Our good buddy Evan Jaques at Lux BMX, Brisbane, put this new whip together for him. How good does this thing look?  Both pics courtesy of Mitch from Lux also.


Most stores and team riders know Toby for his constant positivity and general froth for all things that we work on here on a daily basis. What a lot of people don’t know is that in early 2007, Toby sustained a traumatic brain injury as a direct result of riding without a helmet…

With the close help of his wife, family and friends Toby was able to make a full recovery, and focus all of his energy into making a difference within the industry that he loves the most, whilst embracing every single day. As well as this, Toby has put a lot of work in as a helmet advocate, promoting the importance of helmet safety throughout the UK & Australia. His work has been instrumental in Stowaway Distribution taking on the BMX & General Bike shop distribution for S1 helmets from California. We now proudly supply stores countrywide with a certified helmet product Toby & all of us here at Stowaway believe in and trust. All of our staff swear by S1 helmets and would not be seen riding a BMX without one fastened up low and tight.   If you want to try one of these helmets on for yourself, jump on our Dealer Locator above and head in to your nearest store to get yours today! If your local shop does not stock them please have them call us on: 08 8276 3666 or 0418 442 195 today for more info. We are very proud of the quality of the products we sell here at Stowaway, and to be selling products that potentialy protect the brains of the future of BMX in this country, is something we are going to take great pride in doing!

You can read more about Toby’s accident here…

And to check out Toby riding have a look at this vid from a little bit ago…

And a vid from a team session at the Kerr Family ranch last year…

Thanks for the reading and please hit us up for any more info in regards to the S1 helmets or any of the other products we offer!

Jamie Moore


2015 United Bikes- In Stock Now!

The new 2015 range of completes from United Bike Co have now hit our shores.  These bikes are in extremely high demand and we have a small selection now in stock and available HERE.  Don’t hang around if you’d like these in your store, and also don’t hesitate to contact us to locate your nearest United dealer.  These really are some of the most epic completes you’re going to see this year….YEW!

united_KL40_expert_2015_goldunited_supreme_2015_expert_redunited_recruit_18_2015_orangeunited_recruit_jr_2015_redunited_recruit_jr_2015_blk_pur united_recruit_jr_2015_blue_tan united_recruit_jr_2015_black

Hot Proddy In Stock Now!

We have some hot proddy in stock right now that’s for sure.  Click any image below to visit that page of our live and up to B2B store or click right HERE and search the site in it’s entirety, as there’s so much radness that you won’t want to miss…  Just a few highlights are pictured below…YEW!

BLKBLK 20_ATF_Rasta UNITEDWHEELS dinforks Credence_Stem_Gld brn&ss

2015 United Complete Bikes

Welcome to the 2015 Complete Bike Range from United Bike Co.  The full range can now be seen by clicking the tab above to the right of the page, or simply by clicking HERE.

VIDEOS FOR EACH MODEL: Simply click the title of each model for a full in depth look into every bike and all they have to offer.  This gives you a full understanding of every model in the range and also highlights the quality and finish that United put into all of their products. Here’s a link to the 2015 KL40 Expert Video (pictured below) for an example of how things roll with United… EPIC!


Sam Waters new whip….

Straight off the back of his new Animal posters hitting the shelves of Animal dealers all over the country Sam Waters dropped past the warehouse and dialed in a new whip.  His weapon of choice is the new United Rigal frame decked head to toe in Animal parts. Often imitated but never ever duplicated .We are 100% stoked for Sam in his choice of rides and if its good enough for Sam its surely going to work for you…

SAMBIKCHECK1Animal Javelin rear hub laced into an Animal RS rim.

SAMBIKECHECK4Animal MR stem topload.

SAMBIKECHECK5Animal Akimbo cranks, Vinnie sprocket.    GLH tyres front and rear.

SAMBIKECHECK2Sam and his new sled.  Watch this space for more Sam Waters action shortly! Dont forget to hit your local Animal dealer for Sams poster and also for the full range of Animal parts and clothes.

Enjoy the cooler weather and keep the rubber side down!